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'Fireworks-themed shooter' Big Bang Mini lights up DS


"We usually only get to see fireworks, but with Big Bang Mini you get to make the fireworks," says Melanie Mroz, SouthPeak Interactive CEO and touter of handheld fireworks. Don't be alarmed, however, as the company's latest bomb is safely confined to the Nintendo DS. Dubbed a " fireworks-themed shooter" by the press release, Big Bang Mini tasks players with destroying enemies overhead using stylus strokes and dazzling explosives.

"With Big Bang Mini, we're trying to combine the thrill of an intense action shooter with the beauty of a grand fireworks display," explains Camille Guermonprez, Managing Director of developer Arkedo Studio. "If there's anything players won't like about the game, it will be that they're too involved in striking and dodging to appreciate the light show they're creating." As many a mad scientist has come to learn, your creation can and probably will come back to harm you, with missed firework shots raining down sparks from the sky. You'll want to avoid those, we think.

If you choose to rock it on your DS when it launches this Fall, you'll discover Big Bang Mini is infused with four gameplay modes, a handful of multiplayer options and over 90 levels to explore and explode.

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