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Iron Man game will include movie voices

Candace Savino

Should you want to bring Hollywood straight into your living rooms (or basements, or bedrooms, or wherever your game systems are set up), then Sega's got your back. The company announced today that their upcoming Iron Man game will include the same actors from the movie -- well, three of them, at least.

Everyone's favorite player ladies' man, Tony Stark (aka Iron Man's alter ego), will of course be voiced by Robert Downey Jr. The other two celebs involved in the game are Terrence Howard (Jim Rhodes) and Shaun Toub (Yin-Sen).

We haven't spent much time talking about Iron Man on NWF, even though the game isn't that far off (early May). Is anyone looking forward to it? And if so, do you plan on getting it for your Wii over another console?

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