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LED / LEC hybrid lights could infiltrate flat-panels

Darren Murph

As if you didn't have enough display technologies to wrap your noggin around, here comes yet another dark horse around turn three. Reportedly, researchers in California have "developed a hybrid light that is cheaper, longer lasting, more energy efficient and is as bright as traditional light emitting diodes (LEDs)." Interestingly enough, the resulting light actually blends the aforementioned LED technology with newer light emitting electrochemical cells (LECs) in order to create a hybrid light that would play nice in flat-panel HDTVs. LECs by their lonesome have experienced lifetime issues in the past, but the new combination seems to nix that quirk altogether. Not surprisingly, there's no word on when this discovery could actually find its way into the commercial display realm, but here's to hoping it fares slightly better than the ill-fated SED.

[Thanks, bitguru]

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