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LG's LH2300 Touch Web phone says "Hello UI" in Korean


Want the Internet in your pocket? Good, because that's what LG is offering to South Koreans with its new LG-LH2300 Touch Web phone. This ain't your father's baby Internet mind you, the LH2300 features a new "Hello UI" riding atop 800 x 480 pixels spread across a 3-inch touchscreen LCD. LG didn't stop with the web though as the LH2300 also packs T-DMB mobile TV, Bluetooth 2.0, microSD memory, and a jog wheel for easy page scrolling. Its 3 megapixel camera sports face recognition and anti-shake tech. No specifics on the included "high speed" data service. Nevertheless, that front facing camera's a pretty good clue that this pup won't be riding EDGE when it launches in Korea next month for a mere $600 US equivalent.

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