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Many call for BBFC to step aside from games following Manhunt 2 ordeal


Many folks think the ratings board should discontinue its work with video games, as they voice concerns over the decision to allow Manhunt 2 to be sold in the country. They feel the games classification process in the UK has some major issues. Many are even expecting the report of Dr. Tanya Byron, one of the country's most popular psychologists, to support a different ratings institution when she releases it later this month.

Darren Waters, editor of BBC News' technology index, rips apart the BBFC, stating "The grudging nature of the BBFC's statement, that it now has "no alternative" but to grant the title a certificate, coupled with the fact the body went to the High Court, twice rejected the game itself and tried to overturn the original judgment of the VAC leaves the organization with its credibility bruised."

Others have come through to voice their concerns, as well. General consensus seems to be that the new classification system will fall squarely on the shoulders of PEGI (Pan European Game Information), another games classification system that is completely voluntary on the part of the game developers.


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