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Math geeks can get their fix through the DS


No longer must you resort to watching the copy of Revenge of the Nerds you have sitting on your iPod or running out to the backseat of your car to fondle your old Apple II while on break at work. Now, you can get a good helping of geek by booting up your DS!

The significant bit of news here seems to be that someone has made it possible to run a computer algebra system on the DS, allowing the user to perform calculus on polynomials and solve and simplify equations. We won't lie, our absolute worst subject back in school was math, but luckily our post-school report card has high marks in searching on Wikipedia. The application that makes this all possible is called Mathomatic.

Mathomatic itself has been available for quite some time now, however we've just gotten hip to the whole thing. So, we apologize if this is an old and dusty hat you're being forced to wear right now. For the rest of you, geek out!

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