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Motorola's TEAM smartphones aren't cellphones -- yet

Chris Ziegler

It's not every day that we hear about a Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard device that lacks any cellular hardware whatsoever, so when we do, it's sort of like winning the lottery except way less exciting and profitable. Enter the first volley of devices to support Motorola's new Total Enterprise Access & Mobility initiative -- TEAM, conveniently -- which represent just the very front end of a whole infrastructure solution for business campuses looking to replace their desk phones with something just a little more mobile and modern. Eventually, TEAM will support true VoIP-cellular handoff, but in its initial form, it'll be WiFi only, making these first handsets very unique indeed. We don't have the complete picture on specs here, but they'll support push-to-talk, text messaging, and as we mentioned, they'll be loaded with the very latest and greatest that Windows Mobile have to offer when they launch later this year.

[Via PC World]

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