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Nokia bringing N-Gage beta testing to an end, dishes out free game


Well, it looks like we're now one step closer to a full-fledged launch of Nokia's N-Gage First Access service, with the company announcing today that the beta testing phase will end on March 27th. As was announced before, that means all your scores and other data will be reset and, while you won't have to repurchase any games you've bought during the beta test, you will have to reinstall them when the final version launches. As a bonus for beta testers, however, Nokia is giving away a free copy of the upcoming Mile High Pinball game to anyone that completes a survey, along with 1,000 "community points." There's still no firm word on the rollout of the final version of the service, however, with Nokia only going so far as to say that it's coming in the "next few weeks."

[Via All About Symbian]

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