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One Shots: There can be only (season) one!

We don't know if we've heard a term that's lit up playerbase of a game quite as fast as the term "welfare epics" did with the WoW players. PvPers didn't take kindly to it considering many of them think that PvP is the most challenging part of the game. Now that it's being applied to badge gear from heroics and raiding, PvErs don't like it much either. Of course, some people don't really give a flying rodent's 4th point of contact about it, either way. Now what does that blurb have to do with the above? Well, the above One Shot was sent in to us by Grohm, the level 70 Blood Elf Rogue. He pretty well summed it up in one line: "Season 1 welfare epics FTW." Shiny!

If you have a cool set of armor, a neat achievement, or just something you want to show off, don't be shy! Send a screenshot with whatever information you'd like to add to! Your screenshot and story could be next!

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