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ASUS P750 finally cracked to do owner's VGA bidding

Chris Ziegler

Seriously, ASUS, what in the heck were you thinking? If you're going to imbue your P750 with a feature as hotly desired (particularly in the Windows Mobile world) as VGA resolution, what could possibly possess you to not merely gloss it over, but to artificially downgrade your high-end beauty to plain old QVGA? Blasphemy, we say -- and thankfully, some of the folks responsible for first noticing ASUS' indiscretion have come out and fixed it. Members Sorg and GreateVK from have crafted a rough fix, and say that a final version should be available to everyone within a week. If that's not an awesome (and unexpected) present to P750 users around the world, we don't know what is.

[Via MoDaCo]

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