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Defend Your Castle Wii Ware trailer is super-cute

Kyle Orland

We've known about its existence for about a month, and now we get to know what cult classic Flash game Defend Your Castle will look like when it come to Nintendo's Wii Ware service. The answer, it turns out, is pretty freakin' cute.

Compared to the original Flash version, the Wii Ware Defend Your Castle sports a significant lack of blood, perhaps not surprising for the family-friendly system. What is pleasantly surprising is the new paper cutout aesthetic, which reminds us of a cross between Paper Mario and Pencil Whipped. We're also fond of the robust more robust animation, which doesn't miss a beat even when hundreds of stick figures storm the castle in the trailer's thrilling multiplayer co-op finale. We haven't seen such an effective mix of cuteness and carnage since the town's last kitten massacre (warning: this last link is not for fans of kittens).

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