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Episode 8 of The Guild: Tipping point

Tateru Nino

Desperate times and desperate measures. A high place and a loop of Cat-5. More about Zaboo's mother. The threat to the guild bank. The threat of the video. The beginnings of a daring plan, and the beginnings of a daring escape. Can the talented guildies match their skills against real life and Zaboo's mother? (I swear, Zaboo and I seem to share the same mother - it's creepy)

The Guild is the very funny creation of the exceedingly talented Felicia Day - though, honestly, The Guild is pure gold through and through (and that ain't just Warcraft gold, honey). The Guild is all about the adventures (and misadventures) of the people behind the characters in an MMO guild.

The Guild stormed the Best Series award at the YouTube awards! The honors are truly well deserved, and it looks like The Guild will also take the Series category of the Yahoo Video Awards as well!

This episode is below the fold, courtesy of YouTube's special twinkly magic.

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