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FCC gives in to Dish and DirecTV, so no "carry one, carry all in HD" policy

Ben Drawbaugh

The FCC has been the driving force behind the digital transition from the very beginning and feels that providers are using the digital transition as an excuse to stop carrying local channels. So, in an attempt to prevent provider's back door deals from interfering with your HD enjoyment, it had proposed a mandate that would require both Dish and DirecTV to carry every HD channel in a market,Me if it carried one HD channel in that market. Meanwhile, Dish and DirecTV both preferred to only carry the big four, citing limited bandwidth. So the FCC has instead given both carriers until 2013 to carry every HD channel in any market where it carries at least one. If only we were a fly on the wall of big cable's office -- the FCC wasn't so kind to them -- to watch 'em get as mad as we do when we can't watch our favorite show in HD.

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