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FSN Kansas City to carry 88 Royals games in HD

Darren Murph

Although the Royals were already receiving the "world's largest" HD LED scoreboard in their home stadium, fans having to watch from the comfort of their own couches were yearning for more. Thankfully, FSN Kansas City -- the "new television home of the Royals" -- will be helping you folks out, as it's gearing up to broadcast 88 of the club's games this season in gorgeous high-definition. As you well know, 2008 marks the first year in which the Royals matchups will be aired in HD (regionally, at least), and FSN KC isn't wasting any time in delivering the goods. Starting on March 31st, Royals fans can catch the team's opener at Detroit in HD, and the home opener on April 8th (against the Yankees) will also be shown in high-def. Heck, even the pre- and post-game shows will be seen in HD on HD game nights. Check out the full HD schedule in the read link below.

[Image courtesy of VisitKC, thanks Jim]

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