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Rock Band Music Store is live, patch released

Dustin Burg

According to our iron-fisted rulers over at Joystiq, the Rock Band patch that we were expecting sometime this week was just released earlier this morning and changes it makes are ten kinds of cool.

The Music Store is everything Harmonix promised us and more, allowing easy navigation of Rock Band's entire DLC library from within' the game and song previews and lots more rock and roll. We're also told that the game's new DLC caching system dramatically decreases Rock Band's DLC loading time and after a one time quick caching, subsequent startups have DLC load in a few seconds.

Grab your Rock Band title update by signing into Xbox Live and spend, spend, spend! Our goal is to line the music execs pockets and push that 6 million number to 10 million by Summer's end. Twisted, ain't it?


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