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Rumor: Wario's Woods coming to Wii Ware

Kyle Orland
Update: Wishful thinking be damned -- seems this thing it an early April Fools joke

Trivia time, kiddies. All right, what was the last Nintendo-published game to appear on the NES? Need a hint? It also might be one of the the first Wii Ware game to feature Mario characters. Still need another hint? Um ... look in the headline.

Our colleagues at Wii Fanboy got these purported photos of a Wii Ware Wario's Woods from an anonymous Japanese tipster who didn't give many details on their provenance. It's entirely possible they're an elaborate hoax, but if so they show an incredible attention to detail and a talent for capturing the aestethic shown in other Nintendo-published Wii Ware titles. We won't know for sure until an official announcement comes out of The Big N, but for the time being please indulge our wishful thinking in hoping that these screenshots do indeed represent an actual, in-development game. In the meantime ... to the Virtual Console we go!

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