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Tweeter jump-starts operations with new stores and concepts

Steven Kim

Tweeter stores (now formally known as Tweeter Opco) has had a rough go of things over the past year, but is hoping that a little experimentation in April will help get things moving in the right direction. First up, a new store that features a "Playground" design will be opening in Chicago's Lincoln Park. We pretty much think of any store with aisles of gadgets as a playground, but these stores feature home-like "vignette" settings that demonstrate how the gear will fit into your lifestyle. Tweeter will also be testing a totally new store concept at a remodeled Boston location. No details were given about what changes are involved, but the company's CEO says "It's quite a step forward." If it's better than a "playground," we can only imagine it's an "amusement park" at the minimum, and we're hoping for "mind-blowing dreamscape." We're all for some more competition, and we're guessing the new concept will be aimed at a more upscale market than typical "big box" stores. And besides, we're always looking for new places to haunt.

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