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Addon Spotlight: Its' G15 Binder

Sean Forsgren

There has been a lot of talk about keyboards and mice as of late, leading many of you to look at your play style under a different light. There has also been a bit of buzz over at Macro Anatomy about binding keys to different actions and macros. Well, my friends, it's spring, love is in the air and these two fascinating subjects have found romance.

The developer of Its G15 Binder addon tipped us off to the updated version of this simple, but useful mod. It has one very simple requirement, you should probably be using Logitech's G15 Keyboard to get the most use out of this addon. I should also mention that the developer made special mention of our own Adam Holisky as a potential fan of this addon, so consider the hat tipped in your direction, Adam.

The description is pretty concise, so I'll quote the developer in describing it:

"Its' G15 Binder is an AddOn designed to improve integration between the Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard and WoW. It provides simple G-key binding: just point at a button in-game and hit the G key to bind it. You can also display which keyboard mode is active via a border around the active action buttons, or set the mode to control which action bar page is active.

Please note: this AddOn does
not create or manage action bars or buttons. There are a plethora of other AddOns out there that do a far better job than I could ever hope to. This AddOn will work with your existing action button set up, be it the default Blizzard bars, or heavily customised Trinity bars. Heck, you could probably bind G18 to the 'Post Auction' button if you really felt like it..."

Unfortunately, I am not among those who use the G15 keyboard, so I can't test this out. I can say that my Razer Pro Type Keyboard doesn't work with it, so I'm guessing it is named for a specific keyboard for good reason. It's a simple addon, configuring it looks straight forward. To access the configuration interface use this command:

/g15 config

That's it for this installment, I'd love to get some feedback about your thoughts on this one, if you happen to use this keyboard. Dismissed!

Note: I want this keyboard more than I want to stomp on the Easter Bunny this weekend! (That's a lot)

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