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Halo 3 Heroic DLC pack free Tues the 25th


So Bungie dropped their latest Weekly Whats Update and it contains some great news. First and foremost there is the news that the first of Halo 3's DLC packs will be free for all to download as of this Tuesday, 2am. So that would be the Heroic Map Pack, which contains the maps, Foundry, Rat's Nest and Standoff. The update also notes that now that the maps are free, they will be required for certain playlists in matchmaking (Ranked Big Team, Social Big Team, Team Slayer and Rocket Race playlists) and will appear in them rather often. To tease those of us who did not buy the download, there is a video of the Heroic maps included in the update as well.

As for the portion of the update that does not involve the Heroic Map Pack, there was the news that there would be a new map reveal coming this Tuesday, so hopefully that puts some rumors to rest. Additionally, there was mention of the new Double EXP Team SWAT playlist, the MLG/ESPN Top 10 Halo 3 plays, and a new episode of their podcast. Even with the game out the door, Bungie manages to keep a good flow of content and news coming to the press. Must be because that's where their community managers started out ....

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