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Verizon beefs up its FiOS TV video-on-demand offerings

Darren Murph

Joining just about every other major carrier out there, Verizon has announced that it too will be playing along with March Madness on Demand. Beyond that, it's also bringing a new helping of other options to its video-on-demand service. Reportedly, FiOS TV subscribers can now fix their eyeballs on VOD (and HD VOD, if it's in your area) content from "CBS, Discovery Channel, Smithsonian Channel, Ovation TV and more." More specifically, some of the newcomers include Big Brother 9, Numb3rs, CSI, CSI:Miami, CSI:New York, Jericho, NCIS and Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites. Granted, folks outside of Richmond and Virginia Beach, VA, Tampa, FL, Fort Wayne, IN, Pittsburgh, PA, Burlington, MA, and Rhode Island won't be seeing any of this in high-def, but Verizon does note that HD VOD "is coming soon to all remaining FiOS TV markets."

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