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X-Play lists Age of Conan at the top of PC game sales [updated]

William Dobson

Game|Life has reported on an interesting little tidbit included in a recent episode of X-Play -- apparently, Age of Conan has topped PC game sales charts for the month of March. As any anxious fan will tell you, the game is not due for release until the 20th of May, so provided that X-Play's assertion is correct, this sales dominance must have come from pre-orders. Also, we're assuming that topping the charts for March means, "for March thus far".

If true, this bodes extremely well for the launch of AoC. We already know that a lot of people are excited for the game, but to beat everything else on the sales chart a good two months out from release is fairly incredible. Game|Life has contacted G4 to see if they can find out more, and are expecting to hear from them on Monday with some clarification on the source of their numbers.

Update: G4 has said that their sales data came from Gamestop.

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