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Chiptunes homebrew is cool, but pricey

Candace Savino

As gamers, we can't help but adore chiptunes. That's why we were originally giddy over Pixelh8's new program, Music Tech Pro Performer. Not only is Pixelh8 a respected chiptunes musician himself, but having software that lets us mess around with 8-bit sounds seems right up our alley.

Yet, this software doesn't come cheap. It's not available in ROM form, so you won't be able to download it off the internet like many other homebrew apps. Pixelh8 is looking for some compensation for his hard work -- fair enough. But, the price is pretty steep (£30, approximately $59 USD) for a somewhat limited piece of software.

If you disagree with us and have to have it, you can order one of your own here. As for us, we'll be admiring his work from afar. To admire away with us, check out another video past the break.

[Thanks, GenoBoost!]

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