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Hu, for when you believe something else is the new black

Steven Kim

When asked about color coordinating HT gear is brought up to us, our first response is simply to get all the components in black. It's a high tech color and it's got a slimming effect as well. Or so we hear. But if the absence of color isn't going to fly in your abode and you've got to get everything "just so," check out the aptly named Hu service provided by the Home Technology Store. Any of the displays, speakers, display mounts and speaker brackets that the vendor has tagged with a "Hu" stamp can be colored to match a paint swatch you provide. It's a new service, so we're sure that the absence of any designated speakers on the website is just an oversight. Pricing is pretty reasonable: $299 for TVs up to 42-inches; $399 for larger TVs; $159 for TV mounts; and $175 for a pair of speakers. But really, how can you put a price on your HT being so "well groomed?"

[Via Cybertheater]

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