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EVE Avatars come alive, for a price

Chris Chester

EVE is peculiar compared to many MMOs in that the only real attachment players have to their in-game avatars (at least until the Ambulation feature comes out, that is) are the simple character portraits that they choose when first rolling a new toon. As you might expect, most people grow rather attached to their portrait over those longs hours spent mining and ratting, and as logically follows, there's a pretty high crossover in the use of these portraits as forum avatars.

So when we stumbled on a recent blog post highlighting the creation of enhanced, animated EVE avatars, we couldn't look away. Evidently, a player going by the name of Copter Pilot is creating these bite-sized animated recreations, complete with the player's choice of creepy emotes. All you need to do is give him your character name and email address and he'll send you along an animated avatar in four different sizes. You don't even have to pay him in cash -- he's charging 20 million isk for the service.

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