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MD Sound's KO-GPS4 navigator includes e-book reader

Darren Murph

Can't say it's likely that you'll find MD Sound products on just any ole store shelf, but for those that look hard enough, they can procure the firm's latest PND, the KO-GPS4, right now. Carefully watching his words, the outfit's head of product development notes that "as far as [it] can tell, [this unit is] the first personal navigation device to include the popular e-book capability." Beyond that, you'll find a built-in MP3 / video player, photo viewer, Li-ion battery good for three hours on a full charge and a 4.3-inch touchscreen. Yeah, the $249.99 sticker may be tempting at first glance, but we're pretty confident you can still do better for two and a half bills. Full release after the jump.


Los Angeles CA, March 18, 2008; MD Sound announced the release of the KO-GPS4 PND. "The KO-GPS4 is, as far as we can tell the first PND (personal navigation device) to include the popular e-book capability," according to Sharam Tabibnia in charge of product development at MD Sound.

Full featured including a touch screen user interface the KO-GPS4 allows the user to listen to mp3 files, view pictures, view videos, navigate the continental United States and read e-books. The built in Lithium-ion battery provides up to three hours use time away from the 12 volt (car) or 110 volt (home) power source.

The 4.3 inch touch screen is the perfect size for visibility and portability. The graphic user interface is so intuitive that most users will not find it necessary to consult the owner's manual for operation instructions in any of the operation modes. With millions of points of interest a user can find transportation related sites; from airports to auto repair facilities; shopping; entertainment; tourist attractions; restaurants; government and community services; emergency services and hotels.

At a Suggested Retail Value of $249.99 the MD Sound KO-GPS4 will fit comfortably into the budget of even the most value minded consumer.

MD Sound, perhaps the fastest growing consumer electronics brand is becoming well known for providing consumers with high quality, high performance, great reliability and terrific value.

Distributed by 7 Elephants, a very well established brand maker in the consumer electronics industry for over 17 years, the MD Sound brand has very quickly established a reputation for delivering consumer electronics products such as full featured personal navigation devices and high performance mobile electronics to market that meet the demands of the increasingly sophisticated consumer. The MD Sound brand is delivered to market through a network of service oriented retailers who understand the value of long term relationships with consumers.

For more information visit or call 800-977-9779

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