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N+ creators stand behind their anti-XBLA rant

Dustin Burg

Last Friday, we told you about a Gamasutra interview with N+ creators Raigan Burns and Mare Sheppard and how angry they were about the XBLA, how angry they were about the services' crappy games and how angry they were about how Microsoft is handling things. Their opinion was nothing but blunt and to the point. Then, shortly after their harsh comments made the internet media rounds, Burns and Sheppard felt the need to post a response in regards to their remarks on their metanet blog and, well ... they have no apologies.

In their response blog titled "In Defense of the Apparant Shitstorm", Burns and Sheppard stand behind their anger fueled XBLA rant, but do clarify that they were made prior to N+'s release and right after they learned about Microsoft's new (and less generous) XBLA royalty structure. But like we said, in their response blog team metanet stands behind their earlier comments and actually went on to add to the controversy, saying; "it's not our fault that the vast majority of XBLA games suck! Literally every single person we've ever spoken with is in agreement on this, and yet it's apparently shocking for gamers in general to hear (assuming that's who reads joystiq/kotaku)." There you have it folks. Confirmed. The XBLA has sucky games.

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