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OKI, Intel and Huashu develop next-generation hybrid set-top-box

Darren Murph

Shortly after Onkyo teamed up with Microsoft to "enhance home entertainment," OKI, Huashu and Intel have collaborated to build a hybrid set-top-box to serve the "digital home market segment in China." As for Intel, it tossed in its CE 2110 media processor, which includes a 2D / 3D graphic accelerator and supports apps such as Flash, Java Virtual Machine and a browser. Furthermore, said box plays nice with HDTV decoders including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and H.264, and it can be used for both digital video broadcasting (DVB) and IPTV. According to Zhou Hong, vice general manger at Huashu Digital TV, the STB will enable carriers "to promote home digitalization, enhance network intelligence and meet the needs of multiple home applications." Sounds good -- now, how's about a release date?

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