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Rumor: Brawl rewrites history


And no, not in the way you would expect Brawl to rewrite history. Instead, forum posters over at NSider2 have (allegedly) discovered an unusual glitch in replays of their fights, namely that said replays are showing totally different fights. While the characters and stage remain the same, the moves being executed and the eventual victor are often different.

To demonstrate this, NSider2 member Warchamp7 uploaded a video of the glitch in action (which he finds "very scary"), and the replays do seem to vary. Barmy stuff. So far, this has only occurred on a particular custom-made stage, and not on any of the game's default, Nintendo-themed levels.

Due to the wonders of video-editing and it being that time of year again, we're marking this down as a rumor, but has anyone here encountered similar issues?


Read: Original NSider2 forum thread (registration required).
Read: Warchamp7's YouTube demonstration.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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