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Apple patent suggests flip iPhone


We don't want to use the term "iPhone nano" because we've heard it before, both formally and informally. Yet, it isn't unreasonable to guess that Apple will release additional iPhone models, a small one among them.

According to Everything iCafe, Apple has applied for a patent which describes a hinged phone with a "dual sided trackpad", implying that it could be operated (at least certain functions) with the "lid" open or closed. When the iPhone was first introduced, prior to its release, I imagined the lack of a lid would be a detriment (I'm scratch-phobic). Yet, the only scratches my iPhone has acquired are on its rear (poor little guy).

Of course, Apple -- like so many other companies -- patents ideas and such that they'll probably never use. So, take the whole thing with a grain of iSalt.

Thanks, Allen!

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