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Journler hits 2.5.4, goes shareware

Cory Bohon

We at TUAW love Journler (OK ... we love a lot of things; but that's beside the point). Journler was recently updated to version 2.5.4, giving many fixes to the note-taking, Swiss Army Knife journaling application. Some of the fixes include:

  • Leopard compatibility
  • Improved Tiger performance
  • Token based tagging
  • Built-in blogging removed (added support for 3rd party weblog apps)
  • MailTags keyword support
  • Importing PDFs got faster
In addition to these features, Journler also became a shareware application. What this means is that when Journler 2.6 is released, you will need to buy a license to keep running Journler; otherwise, you will be limited to a 60-day trial, after which, you will need to buy it. Version 2.5.4 is meant to be a "transitioning version" where you can buy a license now, but these licenses will not be enforced until 2.6. The developer's blog has the complete details. Until version 2.6, Journler will remain free to download from the Journler/Sprouted website.

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