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Last Halo 3 Legendary Map is Blackout, remake of H2's Lockout

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While you're busy downloading the now free Heroic Map Pack, indulge yourself with news of even more maps coming to Halo 3. Coming on the heels of Ghost Town and last week's Avalanche – itself a remake of Halo 1's Sidewinder – and rounding out the triptych of new battlegrounds is the above pictured Blackout, a remake of Halo 2's Lockout map. As promised, Bungie has dropped details of the final map, including pics (hit up the gallery below) and an interview with four of the contributors to the project. The Legendary Map Pack is scheduled for release on April 15th for 800 points ($10) and, if it follows the basic model laid out by its Heroic predecessor, should be free-of-charge in roughly late July.

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