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Metareview -- Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP)


Or Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, depending on who you ask. It seems the two sub-titles have every reason to dance around the colon, as reviews label Crisis Core as an excellent PSP adventure and better still, the one part of the Final Fantasy VII whoring compilation that everyone can agree to like. Aside from the initially confusing "Digital Mind Wave" system (a slot machine that randomly bestows bonuses in battle) and an infamous "stealth" section (which nearly every review moans about), Square Enix's portable prequel draws few major complaints and loads of nostalgia.
  • PSW Magazine UK (90/100): "Crisis Core is a fine PSP adaptation of FFVII's key qualities, taking inspiration from its dramatic cutscenes and magic (Materia still has a big role), but cutting away the fat (lengthy wandering, and an overlong centre) to present the critical core of FFVII's enduring spirit."
  • IGN (85/100): "I was sincerely moved by certain portions of the title and I suspect many others will feel the same. I wouldn't dream of spoiling anything for eager players, but I will say that Crisis Core's ending moments are a must see. I'd go so far as to call them brilliant."
  • GameTap (80/100): "If you shudder in horror when hearing the phrase "Nibelheim incident," then Crisis Core is a fantastic and emotional companion piece to FFVII. If you shrugged at that phrase, well, you'll probably just see Crisis Core as a well-made PSP action role-playing game."

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