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One more Monster Hunter accessory to customize PSP

Majed Athab

Monster Hunter mania is really turning into pimp-my-PSP. There's just way too many Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G items for sale: from cases to potions, and limited edition PSPs to art books and CDs. Now there's even this attachable grip that you can latch onto your handheld system. Only super hardcore fans would need something like this. The grip is only compatible with slim PSP-2000 models though, and goes for about 1,890 yen (US$20).

In light of all these collectibles and products, however, anyone else thinking that yet another one will slip out right before Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G's release? At this rate, it wouldn't be surprising. Keychains perhaps? No no, how about special edition edible gummy-monsters. That would surely fly off the shelves.

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