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TCG Servants of the Betrayer Sneak Peek

Amanda Dean

I'd like to interrupt your patch 2.4 coverage for this important announcement. This Saturday, 29 March is your first opportunity to get an early look at the Servants of the Betrayer expansion to the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. Upper Deck welcomes players of all skill levels.

If you love Vanity pets, this may be the time to start playing WoW TCG. The new set will feature the new super common consumable loot card: Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit, which adds growth counters to a party pet in the TCG. It can be traded in the MMORPG for biscuits that boost the size of cosmetic pets.

Several tournaments have been planned to kick off the event:

Entry Fee:
North America: $25
Europe & Oceania: Check with your Tournament Organizer

Tournament Format:
Sealed pack using four booster packs
of Servants of the Betrayer, and two booster
packs of March of the Legion.

Tournament Structure:
Fixed number of rounds using Swiss pairings.

Top finishers will win Servants of the Betrayer booster packs, playmats, and deck boxes. Playmats and deck boxes will be given out as door prizes to players in the first tournament of the day at each location. All players will receive an Extended Art Warlord Kalithresh promo card while supplies last.

Find an event near you at Upper Deck's WoW TCG site

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