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Today in Joystiq: March 25, 2008

Ross Miller

Joystiq reader emummy decided to recreate GI Joe vs. Cobra in Rock Band. You can catch GI Joe after the break. Check out the highlights for today:

The best of WoW Insider: Patch 2.4 special
Massively Week in Review: March 18-24, 2008
Metareview -- Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP)

You can't have these Metal Gear Solid 4 wireless headphones
PS3 firmware 2.20 available now
Eye of Judgment expansion delayed for the US
Cheaters branded on Xbox Live, Gamerscores reset
Friendly reminder: Halo 3 Heroic maps free today
WiiWare Japanese launch info round-up
GT5 Prologue North American release gets exclusive music
Call of Duty 4 DLC in the works for PC
World of Warcraft 2.4 patch arrives
Netflix surveys customers about service on Xbox 360
WiiWare Final Fantasy to charge for downloadable races
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith adds Mott the Hoople, The Kinks, Joan Jett
Europe gets the shard with Warhawk 'Broken Mirror' expansion in April
Last Halo 3 Legendary Map is Blackout, remake of H2's Lockout
Wonder Boy, Fantasy Zone coming to North American VC
We'd buy that for a dollar: 50 Cent sequel in latest EGM
Ubisoft shares boosted by 'Tom Clancy' purchase
Darwinia rated by ESRB for Xbox 360
NCSoft licenses Unreal Engine 3 for two MMOs
Darwinia+ confirmed for Xbox Live this Fall
Raiden Fighters Aces demo on Japanese Xbox Live
Alleged GTA IV multiplayer screens show dudes, guns, vehicles ... explosions
New details, 'over 200 endings' for Fallout 3
Brothers in ads: Gearbox signs in-game ad deal with Double Fusion

Culture & Community
Mii wedding invitation is 'silly and lame,' also 'kind of cute'
Final Fantasy vs. Dead or Alive: Round 2
Win $10K for texting in Gamestop's GTA IV contest
Weighted Companion Cube mid-Portal in Toronto

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