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WiiWare Final Fantasy to charge for downloadable races

Kyle Orland

We've known for a while that Nintendo's just-launched-in-Japan WiiWare service would require an additional fee for some downloadable content. Little did we know that content would include a pretty fundamental part of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King.

SiliconEra is reporting (via Square's Japanese web site) that players who pay 1,500 Wii Shop Points to purchase the ridiculously-abbreviated FFCC:MLaaK will only have access to one of the game's races. Players wishing to recruit any of the other three races will have to spend 100 to 300 Wii Shop Points to construct a home for them. Players will also be able to lay down real money for new character costumes, which don't seem to have any effect on the gameplay.

Given the controversy surrounding the pricing of additional gameplay content for Lumines Live, we can't imagine Wii owners will be happy shelling out 1,500 points for what's essentially an incomplete product. Then again, the wide variety of Final Fantasy collectibles suggests a fan base willing to shell out whatever it takes to get their dose of apocalyptic, Japanese RPG goodness. We'll see soon enough, we suppose.

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