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You can't have these Metal Gear Solid 4 wireless headphones


Which makes you but a small part in the rather large category of people who cannot obtain Sony's Metal Gear Solid 4 wireless headphones. Offered only to 30 randomly selected and considerably lucky gamers who purchase one of the MGS4 bundles on Konami's Japanese online store, the branded MDR-DS7000s offer 7.1 channels of digital neck-snapping sound. It could very well be Snake's best friend, provided it's not a con. The offer is only good until June 1st, so you'd best ring up your Japanese girlfriend and involve her (though it may cost a lot).

Our favorite mammalian, Snake, makes his PlayStation 3 debut and departure on June 12th, leaving you only a few months to assemble all the necessary, limited edition gear.

[Via Engadget]

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