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4-player arcade game with 'well known' superheroes in the works

Jason Dobson

We know what you're thinking, because honestly we're thinking the same thing. Who goes to arcades anymore, right? Apparently there's still some life in the old girl, at least according to hardware and software developer Signature Devices, which just sent word that it has put the final touches on a new 4-player arcade game that "will include several well known comic book and television superheroes."

The company has left us guessing as to what characters exactly will be included, stating only that players will take control of "earth's mightiest heroes" in co-op style gameplay, leaving us to wonder if we'll be dropping quarters to play as Superman or the Wonder Pets. Either way, as we remember how much fun we had playing Captain America and the Avengers in the 90's, this news already has us scrounging through couch cushions for loose change.

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