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Addon Spotlight: WoW our salvation?

Sean Forsgren

I am not in the habit of trying to break websites, so I hope this update won't destroy the last chance for addon updates this afternoon.

I just reported that Ace and its affiliated services are down. Curse Gaming and WoW UI are also down for the count. There was an attempt to push you towards those sites and/or WoW Interface's Patch 2.4 Survival Guide, but they've all been the victim of a bandwidth cleave.

I mentioned a few days ago that WoW Interface was sitting secure in their new server system, as well as holding a trigger finger over a mystical ultra-low-bandwidth version of their site. As it turns out, this system may save many of us from addon doom! This spartan version of the WoW Interface site consists of a list of addons. That's it. If you know which addons you want, it provides you an option on this day of chaos. Although the WoW Interface download site is up and down right now, this list version appears to be holding steady.

If you happen to be a WoW Rookie, I would not recommend you make any attempts to jump into the world of addons by grabbing addons from a list without shopping around. You little newb bunnies should consider enjoying the tidal wave that is new content patch.

Good luck out there, and don't kick the cat again, the fault never lies with the innocent. (Sort of the definition of innocent). Dismissed!

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