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AT&T's U-verse headed to San Antonio's Vidorra Condominiums

Darren Murph

There's no denying that fiber providers (we're looking at you, AT&T and Verizon) are on the offensive in an attempt to get new condos, college dorms and other dwellings wired with service from day one. A fortnight after AT&T announced plans to install U-verse into a forthcoming residence hall at the University of Houston, the outfit has now made public its plans to give the same luxury to residents of Vidorra Condominiums. The 20-story high-rise development in downtown San Antonio is currently being constructed, and when it's complete, it'll offer U-verse TV / internet to every single resident. 'Course, guests to the facility may be more intrigued by the private outdoor swimming pool and the top floor "sky room," but we're sure they'll only be able to stand so much outdoor amusement before those high-def images have them running back in.

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