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Brewers HD onslaught leads Charter to add FSN Wisconsin "this summer"

Darren Murph

Behold, the power of high-definition. Just days after FSN Wisconsin announced that it would be airing 65 Milwaukee Brewers games in HD this season, Charter has acquiesced and decided that it would finally add the channel to its high-def lineup. Prior to this season, the carrier had held back on adding the HD feed of the network because -- according to Charter regional spokesman John Miller -- "over 95 percent of its programming [wasn't] in HD." Mr. Miller recently noted that Charter felt that there would be "significant interest in the Brewers this season, [along with] more HDTVs in the marketplace," which was apparently good enough to land the channel on the "to be launched this summer" list. Catering specifically to the HD crowd? Now that's what we like to hear.

[Image courtesy of RightFieldBleachers]

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