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Capcom debunks rumors of RE4 on PS3, 360

Kyle Orland

Resident Evil fansite The Horror is Alive caused a minor stir yesterday by posting a phonecam pic of the purported box art for a "Classic Edition" remake of Resident Evil 4 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The rumor got picked up by a variety of gaming sites -- including a somewhat incredulous Xbox 360 Fanboy -- and THIA followed it up today with supposed hi-res shots of the box art, adding further fuel to the fire.

Enter Capcom with a rumor-dousing fire blanket. Writing on Capcom's community forums, Vice President Christian Svennson said outright that there are "no plans for RE4 on 360 or PS3 at this time." Of course, that's exactly what he would say if there was a super-secret remake that Capcom just wasn't ready to announce yet. We'll take him at his word though, mostly because we hope the company is focusing its resources on Resident Evil 5 at this point. Besides, how many more remakes of a three-year-old game do we need exactly?

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