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Comcast readying 11 HD newcomers for Portland, Oregon

Darren Murph

Just months after Verizon expanded its FiOS TV service to reach even more of the greater Portland area, Comcast is making moves in a presumed attempt to keep locals hooked on cable. According to several users in the area, Comcast has notified them that 11 new HD channels will be emerging on May 1st. Granted, we're a bit concerned about how they'll actually look once launched -- and considering the history here, if they'll launch -- but those curious to know what new additions are slated to hit Portland's HD lineup can click on through for the full list.

[Thanks, Brad and Keith]

New additions to Portland, Oregon's Comcast lineup as of May 1, 2008:

  • Disney HD - 741
  • ABC Family - 739
  • TBS-HD 755
  • Discovery Channel HD - 707 (Discovery HD Theater moving to 711)
  • TLC HD - 738
  • Science Channel HD - 772
  • Food Network HD - 766
  • Animal Planet HD - 743
  • Sci-Fi HD - 759
  • CNN HD - 744
  • AMC HD - 771

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