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Evolution GT joins growing field of 'serious' DS racers


The DS is to play host to its own version of Evolution GT, a 2006 PlayStation 2 and PC racer which, if we're being entirely honest, none of the DS Fanboy team are actually familiar with. Hence, a quick trip to Metacritic is in order (we call this "journalism"), where the two previous versions of Evolution GT currently sit on ... 60% and 61% respectively. Bah.

Anyway, for the (hopefully superior) DS edition, we'll be able to get behind the wheel of officially licensed GT cars such as the Corvette Z06, Mercedes-Benz SLK, and Audi A4 Touring Car, and subsequently bounce from barrier to barrier around courses set all over Europe. There's also a multiplayer mode for up to four players, and the game will be joining the small list of titles that use the DS's Rumble Pak.

It's out on June 23rd this year, by which time it should have plenty of healthy competition.

[Via press release]

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