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Guildwatch: She fulfilled my everyone fantasy

Mike Schramm

Only in the best situations do you have great documentation of great drama, and only in the best of the best do you have actual screenshots of it as it happens. But then again, that might just be more evidence that they're just messing around -- it's hard to believe that this really happened and was captured so perfectly.

But as always with Guildwatch, you be the judge. For all the drama, downed, and recruiting news you can handle (most of it probably true... probably), click the link below. And don't forget to send us your own tips (anonymous or otherwise) at


  • TnA on Bonechewer-A has lost several guild members to RL lately, including, we're told, the GM. But apparently things didn't go too badly -- in the same breath, our tipster says the guild has reconstructed and is now recruiting all classes to go back into SSC and TK to down Kael and Vashj.
  • A Perfect Circle on Alleria has it all -- a guildleader hacked, a bank ninja'ed, an officer calling the whole guild morons, officers resigning, and both /gkicks and /gquits. What more could you ask for in the complete annihilation of a guild? Nothing, that's what.
  • I call shenanigans on this one, it's too good to be true. But just in case it's real, here you go: Endall was good friends with Revenant, who founded Dominatio Tripudio on Dragonblight. At least he was friends with him -- until he found out one day that his good friend the GM was macking on his girl in Vent. You can see an example of the "chat proof" up above, just in case Imageshack doesn't keep up. But in my expert opinion, it's fake -- Revenant's braggadocio is just too funny for him to actually mean it. Still, it's a fun read, so even if they did fake it, it made me laugh. If it is real, then Endall, don't sweat it man -- there are other fish in the sea, right?
  • We've heard before that Risen on Alleria had decided to stop raiding, and now we're hearing that they're losing people because of it. Word is that quite a few folks have headed to Transcended on Blackhand.
  • Did Unyielding Souls on Malfurion use an exploit to down Archimonde? And if they did, does it matter?
  • It all started with a business-as-usual guild ninja thread over on the Feathermoon forums, blaming Atheros for supposedly ninja-ing the guild bank of Blackwatch. Only, there's a problem -- seems he didn't do it. And Blackwatch has found themselves on the other end of the accusations. Messy.
  • More Hashbrowz trouble-- we've posted before that he's a well known ninja who transferred from Eitrigg to Thorium Brotherhood, but apparently Mutiny didn't listen -- he ninja'd their guild bank as Adalene. So at what point do you guys stop inviting this dude into your guild?
  • Ancient Lords on Terenas-A is no more. Our tipster says the former guild leader lost his mind and kicked all the active members. From the ashes arose The Ancient Lords (it's different, see, because of the "The") who, we're told, will be bigger and better than the old guild was.
  • Wrath of the Alliance on EU Runetotem imploded at the end of last week. After the GM had an argument with some officers and members, he waited until the rest of the guild were offline, emptied the bank, and disbanded the guild. But there is good news -- most of the old guildies have joined a new guild, N U K E, which was setup by some of the officers from Wrath. N U K E are currently focusing on getting members leveled with a view to start raiding ASAP.
  • Congratulations to Shai Hulud of Duskwood-H on their server-first kill of Illidan Stormrage.
  • Delirium of Kirin Tor-A gave Vashj a sweet Valentine of Doom in February, and now 30 days later they delivered a package o' whoop ass to Kael'thas, and a few days later downed Rage Winterchill.
  • A New Dawn has killed Hydross and Solarian within 5 days of each other for two guild firsts. Additionally, they're still looking for a couple more raiders (any class) just to help fill out the raids when real life comes calling on too many guildies at once.
  • Senatus Redux on EU Kul Tiras has been stomping on bosses -- in the last week they've killed Doom Lord Kazzak, Morogrim Tidewalker, Fathom-Lord Karathress and Leotheras the Blind all for the first time! Grats, and Vashj is next!
  • Malicious Intent of Azgalor-H is on quite a roll. They've cleared out Kara all but for Nightbane, and they're now planning on rolling up on Zul'Aman in very short order. They're also looking at starting a second Kara group, so anyone interested, specifically tanks, should look them up.
  • Alea Iacta Est on Earthen Ring, who I hear is the official guild of The Instance podcast (so if I put you guys in the downed section, does that mean you'll invite me on the show?), has a two-team Karazhan battle going on -- they've both dropped Curator and one team has upped Shade of Aran as well. They want to put the rest of Karazhan on notice, but guys -- only one boss can go on notice at a time. I'm giving you Illhoof (and Shade for the group that needs to catch up).
  • Imperial Scourge of Mug'thol is a reformed Naxx guild is continuing its progression, having walked into SSC on Monday night and one shotting Morogrim Tidewalker, then on Tuesday after the reset, reforming their SSC run and clearing 3 bosses for the first time in one night. Grats!
  • New Blood on the Khaz'goroth hasn't quite downed Vashj lately, although they've gotten really close, so they headed to ZA one night, and demolished it, clearing all the way to Zul'Jin. Very nice.
  • Autumn Effect on Khadgar downed Lurker and Void Reaver. They've got Leotheras in their sights and are pumped to down that split personality BE.
  • Phoenix Rising on Thrall was able to one shot Gruul after weeks of only taking down HKM. And, we're told, it calmed down some guild tension. Remember, everyone: worth every wipe. Just keep raiding, and eventually the progress will come.
  • Evolution on Moonrunner spanked Fathom-Lord Karathress and then drowned all his buddies. Leo is on notice!
  • The Nefarious on EU Bronzedragon Flight, downed Kael'Thas before patch 2.4 came up, on the last day of the reset. They then waltzed into Mt. Hyjal with the lucky 25 and one shotted Rage Winterchill for fun.
  • FortyTwo of Whisperwind has made some fantastic progress! Downing Karathress last week put them 3/4 5/6, so Vashj is on notice.
  • Myrmidon on the Echo Isles server would like to announce victory in their first weekend Karathon completed. All they want to clear now is the other two Opera events, and then it's on to 25mans and Doom Lord Kazzak. Grats!
  • Silent Redemption (server?) took out Leotheras in a fell swoop over the weekend and neutralized the threat that is Loot Reaver. Tidewalker is on notice, and SR have a taste for blood -- serve 'em up!
  • Eventually on Spirestone recently burned down Kael in TK after only 12 total hours of raiding time on the guy -- since merging with Zombie Bones, they've been rolling on progress, and already has Rage's head on the wall, too.
  • As we posted before, Shadow Reavers did disband, but in their wake, the members have formed Divine Interventions, and already dropped HKM and Gruul. Good luck!
  • Insidious on Kel'Thuzad-A has downed Kaz'rogal on their second week in Hyjal and they are cruising through quite nicely. They're also recruiting a Vashj vial equipped resto shaman, which unfortunately rules mine out. But maybe you've got one for them.
  • Indecisive of Icecrown-A downed Al'ar and Solarian this week, to become an officially 3/4 5/6 guild.
  • Virtus on Rivendare continues to roll on -- they downed both Tidewalker and FLK, and are aiming for Vashj now.
  • Dusk Raiders on Cenarion Circle-A has killed Azgalor, and have Archimonde on notice.
  • Recklessness of Illidan made made their first Gruul and HKM kill, and one-shotted both.
  • Rolling With My Gnomies on Suramar-A added a new boss head to their trophy room...The Loot Below bit it, finally. Hydross is now on notice.
  • Despised on Duskwood-A went from 3/6 in Zul'Aman to a 6/6 clear, and from 1/4 in TK to 3/4 having downed Al'ar and Solarian. Grats!
  • Vicimus of Twisting Nether-A is recruiting Alliance shamans and caster DPS.
  • Rabid Space Monkeys on Baelgun are recruiting for SSC and beyond. They've got Void Reaver, Hydross, Lurker and Tidewalker downed, and are looking for a few DPS that can pay attention and bring the big numbers. A couple capable healers to round out the raid wouldn't hurt. Be casual if you like, but be prepared to bring the performance when raiding.
  • Raiding Potatoes on Demon Soul has two Kara groups going, is starting Gruul's, and working on ZA as well. They're looking for more, though -- specifically tanks, healers, and shadow priests. Look them up if you're ready to raid with a solid, experienced group.
  • We've written about The High Order on EU Sunstrider before, and apparently they've been through it all since then -- they had a guild bank ninja'd, they've downed bosses in Zul'Aman and Karazhan, and they've expanded to an international guild. Now, they're headed for 25mans and need more help -- join up with them if you want an interesting life in Azeroth.
  • Legend of Tarren-Mill (server?) is recruiting all classes but mainly resto shamans, tanks and holy pallys for high end (finishing off SSC and TK, as well as some Zul'Aman action) raiding.
  • Damage (Lothar - A) is currently recruiting for a 25-man raid roster. They have 3.9/6 SSC downed (Tidewalker recently downed, Leo is on notice!) and 2/4 TK. They're also clearing KZ, and are looking for mature, fun guildies without a penchant for drama.
  • Chevalier on Khaz'Goroth-A is currently hunting a healer, a caster dps and melee (prefer ret pally or enhance shammy) dps for Karazhan and eventually ZA. Please be geared and ready -- they raid weekends but are looking at adding in midweek raiding as interest permits.
  • Leviathan is recruiting for casual Horde raiders on Ravenholdt. They're running Kara on weekends, and are a friendly fun loving guild who play together for the enjoyment of the game (although a modicum of progression and "lootz" is alway nice). Mostly PvE, they say, but they also throw a little bit of RP and PvP in the mix, so whatever is welcome.
  • eXorcist is recruiting raiders for TK and SSC. They're a scheduled raiding guild that farms Hydross, Leo the Blind, Lurker, Solarian, and Void Reaver and is looking for appropriately-geared mature people to help them move on and defeat the next bosses in these instances.
  • Advent Knights is recruiting all classes for their raiding group to start running regular ZA, Gruul's and beyond.
  • Vengeful, on Laughing Skull-H is recruiting prot pallies, resto druids, and affliction 'locks for Hyjal, BT and Sunwell. Please be mature with gear and experience.
  • Motion on Exodar-H is recruiting a resto druid, a resto shaman, and a holy priest to help continue with Tier 5 progression. They'd like you to be geared with Tier 4, and ready to move on.
That's it for this week's GW. As always, until next week, happy raiding! In fact, this week, happy Sunwell raiding!

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