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Happy Easter? Not in Tabula Rasa

Shawn Schuster

I think it's safe to say we've grown accustomed to certain holiday events in our MMOs these days. Most of these are global, non-denominational events, or at least try to be. Guild Wars' Wintersday is a prime example of this. We have an event celebrating the battle between two powerful deities in the GW world, peppered with the old recognizable favorites like candy canes and snowmen. It's full of win in every possible way.

Recently though, NCSoft decided not to make an in-game Easter event in Tabula Rasa, which concerned many players. In fact, even the default wintertime event was notably lackluster. Was this a huge mistake on NCSoft's part? Or are we just spoiled with our other online MMO holiday events? Some have speculated that the setting and lore of Tabula Rasa would prevent such events to take place, but we would think the opposite would hold true. Will this type of thing end up becoming a larger concern for players than the devs realize? We believe the players of any MMO would thoroughly enjoy their holiday events, and overlooking their importance in an online community setting could prove to be a big mistake.

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