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LotRO lorebook update features Tl Bruinen

William Dobson

Tâl Bruinen is the focus of a new article in the Lord of the Rings Online lorebook, and we get to find out why the area is so uninhabited. Once upon a time, there were many small settlements in Tâl Bruinen (which is located in The Trollshaws, south of Rivendell). Now only a few camps of fisherman and adventurers remain, but it's no great mystery -- ask yourself if you would stick around when your home is the subject of repeated Troll-raids.

These Trolls are still around, but there are other nasties now as well to make sure that no one feels like moving back -- Orcs, worms, and Gauredain stop most people from feeling safe enough to settle down in the area. However, it's not all bad, as those in the low 40's will find plenty to kill and a few quests to boot. View the lorebook entry for more screenies and the usual map.

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