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Milk it! BioShock MMO, mobile, and movie are 'potential opportunities'

As predictable as adapting moody, atmospheric shooter BioShock into a movie is – hell, if they're squeezing a mobile game out of the "franchise" a movie hardly seems far-fetched – we weren't quite expecting to hear that owner Take-Two is considering a BioShock MMO as well. (Also listed as an "MMOG/Online Gaming" opportunity: Civilization.)

Maybe Take-Two's just really into alliteration and thought the two extra Ms made slide 24 – titled "Potential Untapped Opportunities" – of chairman Strauss Zelnick's presentation at the 2008 Smid Cap Conference today that much more attractive? Or maybe it wanted to show shareholders that Take-Two has everything it needs to compete with the likes of EA in-house, including big-name brands that can be milked to exhaustion. Might we suggest sure-to-be-lucrative BioShock Big Daddy mittens ... or perhaps BioShock "Plasmid brand" malted milk balls ...

[Via Massively]

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