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The Political Machine returns for '08 election


Stardock's political strategy game returns for this year's election with The Political Machine 2008. The full retail product puts players in charge of a national campaign for President of the United States; tasking them to control their candidate, raise cash, hire spin doctors and win endorsements. TPM 08 releases in June for $20.

The game is the follow up to 2004's The Political Machine, but with a whole new engine and style -- the candidates are depicted as "bobble head" dolls now. Stardock says the game mirrors real-world events like answering questions on "Colvert Report" and "O'Malley Factor." Players can also play a campaign from history or create their own future election. Publisher Stardock has really upped its game the last couple years; bringing us solid expansions to Galactic Civilizations II and the exceptional Sins of a Solar Empire.

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