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Verizon whines to FCC: make it easier for us to gain market share

Darren Murph

In a somewhat perplexing (okay, maybe not so much) release from Verizon, it is essentially crawling to the FCC and begging that it assist the telco in bolstering its own market share. How so? By enabling cable subscribers to jump ship without even notifying their cable company, that's how. More specifically, it's seeking to banish "a significant obstacle to consumer choice and competition in the market for bundled communications services" by allowing disconnect orders from the new provider (read: Verizon) to take the place of, you know, the customer calling up their carrier and shutting things down. Verizon argues that said procedure "significantly complicates the process of switching video providers, thereby entrenching the cable incumbents' dominant market position." Beyond the inordinately high level of ridiculousness crammed into those statements, we wonder if Verizon's all geared up to start receiving similar letters from Comcast, Cablevision and the whole gang should any of its customers decide to walk away in silence.

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